Consulting in Biomedical Product Development
and US Government Programs



The Federal Government is a customer for virtually every product and service offered by the Biomedical Industry. For drug development, annual US Government funding exceeds that of the top 20 VC firms combined. The key is being positioned to win; taking advantage of the special characteristics of this unique business environment and the opportunities it offers.

We know the space and cover the full range of activities necessary to be successful:

From finding the best fit with HHS and DoD programs, through business development and proposal generation, to compliance and program management for the awarded contract.


In Bioscience, there is a product or service at the end of every investment of time, money, and inspiration. Achieving the best return on this investment is the primary concern of Management – How to address the market opportunity in a way that is profitable, sustainable, and enhances the ability to develop new opportunities that come from these activities.

Our proficiency is in Biologics, Drug Delivery, and the Support Services to Biopharmaceuticals; Contract Services, Critical Supplies, Process Equipment, and Facilities. We provide the tools that connect your technology to the market; methodical, efficient, flexible, and effective.


Bioscience is unique. Revolutionary science, long development times, high risk, strong regulatory impacts, and uncertain markets at the finish because of the timelines. Financial planning and execution in this environment is mission and frequently survival critical.

FSA’s approach is pragmatic. It comes from our experience as Business and Operations Managers who became Financial Managers in order to be successful.


  • Financial Analysis
  • Cost Accounting
  • Financial Modeling
  • Capital Structure Development


Foothill Scientific Associates is a biomedical development resource that works with companies and organizations to move their products and programs forward. Our focus is on the business drivers that provide the necessary foundation for the innovation.

We start with a simple premise: It takes money to get where you're going. If you don't have it, you have to get it from somewhere else. And that somewhere else has to believe that when they give it to you, you'll deliver.

The next premise is that the going is easier if you have a guide who's been there before. FSA is that guide.